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TN Games’ 3rd Space Vest Will Support Console Games Soon

Now Compatible With Over 30 Of The Most Popular PC Game Titles, TN Games Announces Plans To Expand The Functionality Of The 3rd Space Vest To Include Support For Popular Console Titles During 2009.

TN Games, developer of the gaming industry’s most innovative and progressively advanced physical experience hardware and software technologies, has released details that it will showcase it’s patented 3rd SpaceTM Vest for use with several top console games at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The 3rd Space Vest is a wearable, human interface device capable of creating 3 dimensional impact, force, and environmental pressure effects across a broad range of First Person Shooter and Role Playing games. It utilizes a lightweight compressed air system to fire pneumatic cells embedded within the garment itself, to deliver hits, missile and shrapnel strikes, G-force, and other environmental contact effects to game players as these events happen to their in-game character. Eight contact points (4 front and 4 back), located over specific anatomic areas on the player’s torso, are used to create a true, spatially accurate multi-sensory gaming experience. Effects are applied to the gamers’ body as if they were physically located within a real, rather than a game environment.

With the evolution of its PC Game Driver software during 2008, TN Games’ development team identified a solution allowing compatibility of its 3rd Space Vest across all major videogame console systems. The general architecture for console compatibility will include the current 3rd Space Vest, modified for wireless data transmission, and the use of a specialized hardware adapter, know as the 3rd Space TriggerTM. The Trigger will contain TN Games 3rd Space Game Driver software in its memory, and coordinate the vest effects with the videogame’s action. The device will also include internet and USB connectivity so the game driver software can be regularly updated to include support for new game titles as they occur. The Trigger system has been developed so that one single device can be used with all major game consoles and previous versions of the 3rd Space Vest.

“Since releasing the 3rd Space Vest for the PC, we have been inundated with requests for console game compatibility,” said Mark Ombrellaro, CEO of TN Games. “Our team has been focusing on a solution and wanted to start the new year by letting gamers know what new innovations they can expect from us in 2009. We are very excited about bringing our 3rd Space 3-D impact experience to the videogame mass market. As far as which platform to support first, that was a tough choice. Each system offers players a very distinctive experience: X-Box® 360 with its large shooter game base and multiplayer experience, PlayStation® 3 with its superb graphics capabilities, and the Wii ® with its unique user interface. We decided to offer 3rd Space realism for all 3 simultaneously, and let gamers decide how they wanted to experience our brand of unique, intense gaming fun.”

The 3rd Space Vest system for console game play is a further advancement upon TN Games’ elite, cutting edge gaming technology. The level of sophistication in both the design and engineering of the system will be on par with those found in the game consoles themselves. CES attendees will have the opportunity to try out the vest with some of the most popular console titles including Gears of War® 2 *, Star Wars® The Force Unleashed*, and Call of Duty® World at War*. Getting an actual look at the final system architecture and the 3rd Space Trigger itself however, will not be possible, as the company plans to keep the technology disguised and under wraps until its official release date in Summer 2009. For gamers who already purchased a 3rd Space Vest for PC use, Triggers will also be sold separately so that any vest may be adapted for console game play. Final pricing for these devices has not been set but will be comparable to other videogame devices currently in the marketplace.

About TN Games

Based in Redmond, Washington, TN Games develops computer hardware and software products that enhance the realism of digital media. As an extension of cutting edge medical technology, we develop unique, wearable, human interface products able to create 3 dimensional impact, force, and environmental pressure effects useful across a broad range of entertainment, training, and military applications. Our visionary products and technologies blur the lines between reality and virtual reality and are meant to expand the creative expression of our industry partners but most importantly, bring a unique, intense, and fun entertainment experience to our customers. Updated 3rd Space game driver software is available as a free download For more information, visit TN

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