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Valentine’s Day-Event in Runes of Magic Has Just Begun

For those players who want to flee from the cold of winter, they can now indulge themselves in spring fever as love is in the air of Taborea. A Valentine’s Day event has just started in Runes of Magic and marks the beginning of an extensive series of events that awaits players of Frogsters’ fantasy online-role-playing game during 2009.From today until Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2009, fans with a sweet tooth are invited to produce in-game chocolate to strengthen their in-game characters. During this time friends of flowers will also be able to obtain rose seeds on a daily basis. If cared for these flowers will bloom and grant growers a strong buff. To compensate players for all their efforts, roses will be exchanged for special gift boxes. With a bit of luck and perseverance, gardeners will find one of two time-limited mounts designed exclusively for this event: a Pegasus or unicorn. Those who collect 30 roses during the event will be awarded a special title as a reward

Runes of Magic started the open beta with an English and a German version in the middle of December 2008. All interested players can now download the online-role playing game and enter into the fantasy world after creating an account for free on

Runes of Magic - a world full of wizardry and adventure
With an extensive range of features Runes of Magic prepares to redefine the standard of free2play MMO games. Runes of Magic conveys an absorbing story through more than 1.000 quests embedded in an atmospheric fantasy setting. Players can choose between six main classes and combined with a secondary class they present 30 individual combinations of character classes over all. All characters possess unique skills with impressive combo attacks and can use mounts like war horses and more. A particularly attractive feature for guilds and players is the possibility to arrange their own virtual homes with individual furnishing. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, thrilling PVP, as well as demanding dungeons and boss-monsters, no wishes remain unsatisfied. The Taiwanese developer Runewaker has developed Runes of Magic according to western MMO standards within a time frame of three years. The studio will provide new challenges for players every three to four months with free add-ons and updates. MMO fans can find more information, pictures and videos on the official website

- Free2play: no monthly fees, free download
- Extensive dual class system (six primary and secondary classes)
- Versatile spell- and attack-combinations
- Enthralling background story
- More than 1.000 quests and quest series on launch
- No zone boundaries thanks to seamless architecture
- Dungeons: Instanced and tile based as well as persistent
- Individually developable skills and spells
- Armour sets with special bonuses
- Dynamic item system with hundreds of runes for upgrading
- Optional PvP system with arena battles and guild wars
- Ranking system with player-ranking lists
- Multitude of unique mounts
- Epic crafting system with the chance to improve existing items
- Personalization of player houses through individual furnishing
- Reputation system
- Customisable user interface with the option to use Add-Ons
- Map and radar system to find dealers, resources and quests easily
- In-game auction houses for trading items
- Teleport-Runes for instant travel
- Mouse and keyboard controls for movement
- Regular updates with new content
- Cross-server fights in three-server-battle in development
- Guild houses in special zones in development


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Posted by: z36
Date: January 27, 2009

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