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WAKFU Political System Details

Ask not what WAKFU can do for you…. Ask what you can do in WAKFU!

In honor of Presidents Day, Square Enix reveals information surrounding the unique political system in their upcoming tactical MMORPG, WAFKU.

In WAKFU, players not only elect to become a citizen of one of the three nations – but can choose to run for Governor of their nation!  The nations ofWAFKU are watched over by select NPCs, Clan Members, who have been granted special powers by the ancient gods. At any given time, they have instant access to privileged information on the status of their zone, from the weather forecast to the number of pesky critters roaming the land. Working closely with elected Governors, Clan Members oversee the wellbeing of your nation.

Players can declare their candidacy for election, gather votes in an effort to become Governor, and take on the challenges and triumphs of governance for a two week period.  Once elected, working on vital information fed to them by their Clan Member, the Governor will be able to regulate laws and sales taxes in his territory.

But it’s not all inaugural bills and tax decisions; while Nations might cooperate and enjoy friendly relations, they can also choose to declare war and attempt to capture another Nation’s territories – so elect your Governor with care!

Just as in the USA, politics has a huge influence on the world of WAKFU and its gameplay; leaders have an important job, and specific power to wield.Will you run for Governor? Will you defend your homeland from invaders? Will you choose to live peacefully? Will you do nothing at all? The choices are all yours to make in WAKFU.

WAKFU is currently in closed beta, and scheduled to launch in spring 2011. The game is published by Square Enix, and developed by Ankama. For more information, please visit the official WAKFU site at  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: February 21, 2011

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