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World of Battles Brings Tabletop Inspired Fantasy Wargames to Your PC

Hamburg, June 28th, 2010 – The whistling of arrows, battle cries, clashing swords and shields – these are the sounds you will hear on the battlefields of Raxession, the fantasy setting of World of Battles ( This tabletop-wargaming-inspired client game, with its impressive storyline and detailed 3D graphics, was developed by Frogwares Studio.

In the medieval world of this free-to-play, real-time strategy MMOG, players can choose between nine different races, each with their own unique units and their own advantages and disadvantages. Once their choice of allegiance has been made, players can recruit an army of well over 400 warriors and confront up to 7 other players and their minions in epic battles.

Commanders must choose their troops wisely: Ten completely different unit types are available, each with a special skill to be unleashed when the moment is right. Individual weaknesses must also be taken into consideration: In a judiciously assembled army, the various units complement each other, maximizing their strengths, minimizing their weaknesses, and exploiting those of their enemies. Players can equip their troops with innumerable weapons, armor and many other items. Structure and style of a tabletop strategy game

In World of Battles, the structure and style of a tabletop strategy game are brought to life in a virtual world. Users can outfit extremely detailed troops and see the results in the menu, as they would if they were customizing a real figurine collection. Successful war chiefs must strategically position their units before deploying them with tactical finesse.

Each of the 11 battle locations in the game has different gameplay-relevant characteristics which need to be considered and exploited. Bridges and obstructions are excellent choices for ambushes, archers can attack most effectively from hillsides, and valleys are best suited to hand-to-hand combat.

Before battle, players can chat with each other in a special lobby system, where they can also create games and forge temporary alliances. Up to four players can join together and develop sophisticated team tactics. It’s worth the effort: the rewards for group victories are higher than awarded to solitary commanders. For long-term alliances, players can found guilds and take advantage of such features as special guild
content or guild chats.

The free online game is available in German, English and French at

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: June 28, 2010

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