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GamePak Review

Looking for a convenient way to transport your game system from home to your friend’s place or college? Ever worry about what kind of bag you will put your system in? Gym bag or plastic bag? The GamePak for the PlayStation 2 by LASR Accessories may be just the answer for you.The LASR GamePak for the PlayStation 2 is a backpack that allows you to safely transport your system. It also allows you to play all your PlayStation 2 games without ever removing the system from the backpack. This is a good thing since the PlayStation 2 is so fragile and you wouldn’t want to break it during transport.

The first thing I did when I received the GamePak was to see how much fit into it. Trying to fit the PlayStation 2 into the bag was a very tight fit. I know you want it to fit snuggly, but I actually needed help getting the system into the backpack. We had to pull on the bag and try to stretch it to get the PlayStation 2 in. Granted, this was a prototype, so maybe the ones that hit the market won’t be so tight.

Once we got the system in the backpack I noticed that the Network Adaptor didn’t fit. If you have the PS2 Network Adaptor in, it will push the system forward so it doesn’t fit all the way into the padded area. Also with the Network Adaptor attached to the system you could not access the modem and Ethernet ports for the adaptor. This was a minor problem but one you should be aware of if you have the PS2 Network Adaptor.

The GamePak fit a lot of things into it. In the area with the system I fit two controllers in the mesh pockets. If you wanted you could even fit two more if you laid them on top of the others. The power cord and the TV connectors fit well in the bottom of the bag, and the part that you unzip when you are ready to play allows you to easily hook up the system to a TV while still leaving it in the backpack.

When the backpack was open it gave you lots of storage room for your accessories. In the top of the backpack I was able to fit eight CD’s in the holders, and a few game booklets in the mesh pockets. There were also two slots for memory cards. One card fit well, but the other was again a tight fit.

I liked the fact that there were multiple compartments on the front of the backpack. The middle compartment gave you lots of room. I was able to fit two Guncon 2 guns, or the Guncon 2 and an extra controller. It had a pocket for magazines and a zippered mesh area that you could hold extra memory cards, money, keys or any small items you were worried about losing.

The front compartment allows you to fit some books, CD’s and even the DVD remote. You can take whatever else you think you might need while you are away from home.

One great feature of the GamePak for the PlayStation 2 that I really liked were the clips on the sides. These add extra security and made me feel better carrying the system around. Haven’t you ever had the misfortune of carrying your backpack at school and the zipper breaks and your books go flying out all over the floor? Well you needn’t worry about your system doing this since these clips are very sturdy and add that extra little bit of security to an already well made backpack.

I also liked the way the GamePak for the PlayStation 2 looked. It was great that the backpack was black and had just the blue trim to match the PlayStation 2. It is definitely a plus that there are no large logos advertising what is in the bag. So many other bags for game systems have huge logos or bright colors that just scream steal me!

The rubberized corners on the bottom of the GamePak are a nice addition. With these you don’t have to worry about setting the bag on the ground and harming the system. The handle is rubberized and is a large size that fits comfortably in your hand. Another plus for the bag are the padded shoulder straps. You definitely want all the comfort you can get when you carry all your stuff around.

The bag I had for review didn’t have a PE board in it, but I was told that the final version of the GamePak for the PlayStation2 released to the public will have this. I have seen the PE board in the Xbox version of the backpack and it does add rigidity and better protection for the system. This allows the GamePak to give you comfort and protection in one.

Final Verdict

Overall the GamePak for the PlayStation 2 is a great investment for you if you are going to be traveling around with your system. The backpack allows you to keep everything well organized and gives the system protection so you can keep it out of harms way. There were just a few minor difficulties such as the fit of the system in the backpack and the fit of the memory cards, but these are most likely being fixed for the final product. All in all the GamePak for the PlayStation 2 is a definite must for the gamer on the go.

LASR accessories has informed us the backpack is available to order on their website and will be available at a number of retailers later in 2003.


9.0 out of 10

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GamePak Review

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Posted by: rock13
Date: March 13, 2003
Manufacturer: LASR Accessories
Genre: Other
System Reviewed: PlayStation 2

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