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AeroCool Turbine Fan Review

We are going to see if we can blow the doors off the lab with the AeroCool Turbine 120mm fan. Its 16 blades are said to move air at a low speed, as well as being super quiet. Will the AeroCool Turbine blow or will it suck?

The AeroCool Turbine fan works off a unique design of double layer fan blades to increase air pressure with low noise level. The AeroCool Turbine fan comes in three different styles. The Turbine 1000 silver case with silver fan blades with four LED’s, The Turbine 2000 black case with titanium fan and 4 LED’s, and the Turbine 3000 blue transparent case with transparent blue and silver blades and six LEDs. The Turbine 3000’s fan has every other fan blade a different color. The Turbine fans come with 16 fan blades, more than any 120mm fan on the market. Each fan comes with four self tapping screws and a 3 to 4 pin pass through molex adapter.

All three fans have the same specification:

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 0.9 inch)
Airflow: 37.44
Speed: 950 +/- 10%
Noise: 19.66 dBA (condition of background noise lower than 17 dBA)
Operating Temperature: -100 - +70C
Bearing: Sleeve
Input Power: 3.0W
Weight: 135 grams (4.75 oz.)

The first thing we notice about the AeroCool Turbine 3000 is the double layered 16 fan blades. It looks like it would move a lot of air and look good doing it. The 16 blades on the AeroCool Turbine 3000 have eight transparent blue and eight silver blades with a detachable turbine fan head in the middle. The two colors together make the blue color a little brighter because it reflects off the silver blades on the fan. The turbine fan head can be removed by simply tuning the fan head and unhooking it from the fan. It does set the AeroCool Turbine 3000 apart from most fans and gives it a more distinguished look; with it removed it just looks like a normal fan. The turbine fan works very well and has a tight fit and is very secure. There are four LEDs mounted in each corner of the case with two in the middle on the fan where the turbine fan head mounts. The LEDs are very bright and well placed to get the maximum effect. They are mounted flush with the fan case and do not stand out. The AeroCool Turbine 3000 120mm fan mounts in any standard 120mm opening, no special adapter is required. The noise level from the AeroCool Turbine 3000 is almost nothing, even when we put our ear next to the case it was mounted in. As for air flow it did a fine job moving air, maybe not as much as some other 120mm fans but at 950 RPMs it moved more than enough. The power cord on the AeroCool Turbine 3000 is six inches long with a 3 pin plug on the end of it. There also is a 3 to 4 pin pass through molex adapter that is very nice. It’s very short with the 3 pin adapter on it being about 1 inch long.

Final Verdict

The AeroCool Turbine 3000 is one of the most unique fans we have come across. With a unique style, and look the 16 fan blades set it apart from the run of the mill standard fans. With well designed and placed LEDs this would be a great fan for case modding. Along with the almost silent running you can move a lot of air without a lot of noise. This would be a great addition to a water cooling system just to keep air moving through the case. We also like the extra long power cord. We can’t tell you how many times we needed an extra inch or so to reach a motherboard header. The short 3 to 4 pin pass through molex adapter also helps keep the amount of wires in the case to a minimum. We would have liked to see a ball bearing instead of a sleeve bearing, it would have made it smoother running. We would like to see a few more speeds and sizes for the Turbine fan but we don’t think this is going to happen anytime soon. AeroCool did tell us they do have an 80mm prototype done, but no plans on releasing it soon.


9.0 out of 10

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Posted by: z36
Date: February 20, 2006
Manufacturer: AeroCool
Genre: Peripheral
System Reviewed: PC

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