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Ducati World Championship Review

Ducati World Championship in my mind immediately makes me think of motorcycle racing and I would usually assume wonderful things out of an official game based on the Ducati world championship. Does the game live up to the name? Some features say yes, and some say no.

Graphically the game looks somewhere between a PS One and PS2 game. They seem to be quite a bit better then PS One graphics but can’t quite compare to a lot of PS2 graphics to date. The graphics mostly of the rider and ground around the rider tends to be highly pixilated, while the sky seems to look quite a bit better than the rest of the game. Overall the graphics are ugly to look at compared to other games of its era.

Control wise the game is really simple. The entire game is controlled via keyboard and all menu commands are labeled on each menu. The in game controls are fairly simple as well with the arrow keys as steering and Q for accelerate and Z for brake. Although in my experience your bike steers so easily that there is almost never a need for a brake. The first race started for me and as I pressed buttons to find out how to accelerate and the rest of the bikers got a head start I continued scrambling for keys until I finally found accelerate. As I held it down I gracefully flew around curves with little effort. Before I knew it I was in first place and flying past the computer players. The game almost seemed too simple.

The sound was decent and mostly included rock and roll songs I have never heard before but sounded decent enough to be racing music. The engine noise along with the screeching of tires were typical of the genre but kept the feel of racing alive. One thing I did notice is you cannot lower the volume or turn off the sound it makes when you change options in the menu. I tried really hard because it was extremely loud while the rest of the sound in the game was around normal volume for my computer.

The concept/gameplay made the game shine the most. It gave options for quick race, campaign, and multiplayer and each of them were decently fun. On top of that playing through the campaign would constantly unlock new tracks, and bikes for you to use. With 70 models of bikes and over 34 tracks to race them on there is a decent amount of content in this game for even the diehard gamer. Because of all the content there is a lot of replay value for Ducati World Championship and a lot of different settings for each bike to tweak and experiment with. If only the campaign mode had a storyline on top of all the items to unlock that would improve quality.

Final Verdict

Overall Ducati World Championship is a decent racing game with outdated graphics but enough content to keep you busy for quite some time.


4.5 out of 10

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Ducati World Championship Review

Related Information

Posted by: Falcon
Date: February 14, 2008
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: Artematica
Release Date: 09/12/2007
Genre: Racing
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Everyone
System Reviewed: PC

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