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Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Review

If there�s anything that can make a non-video gaming eight year old girl want to pick up a controller and play, it�s a cute little cat with a bow in her hair named Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty can be found on virtually every type of merchandise imaginable, so it�s really not so much of a stretch to think that she should be in video games, especially when they�re aiming for that important female demographic. Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue is all about getting the younger girl started playing video games, and it does exactly that.

The Block-O�s have invaded the planet and kidnapped several of Kitty�s friends, and it�s up to you, as Kitty or Badtz Maru to save the world and rid it of the Block-O Battalion. Try your best as you travel through the mall, theme park and other locations to save the world and your friends.

While trying to keep an objective point of view it can be said that this game looks great for its intended audience. Hello Kitty has bright and colorful graphics that make it look like a cartoon. The cutscenes are really nice looking too, very typical of a Namco game. The inclusion of a good amount of Hello Kitty’s friends makes the game more enjoyable for the children who would be playing this game. Believe it or not, the game looks good. It is a high quality game, but only if it’s directed for you. If you’re a hardcore gamer who wants to see blood and guts, then you’re not going to like it, but as an eight year old girl, it’s everything you ever wanted.

Roller Rescue sounds just like you think it should. The music is for kids, no hard driving beats, no loud explosions or the type of sound effects you�d expect to hear in any other action game. Hello Kitty has the type of music that just gets in your head and makes you hum it when you�re not playing, then makes you wonder where you got the tune from. It�s catchy; it�s exactly what you�d expect it to be for a game specifically directed towards young girls, nothing fancy, just good enough to be not bad.

Being what it is, Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue is fun enough for your average eight year old girl. In fact, my favorite eight year old had this to say about it, �I liked the challenges which got a lot harder.� So, in fact as you progress the stages and the bosses become progressively more difficult, but not so challenging that a younger gamer can�t overcome a given level without a little practice. The majority of the game is repetition, there are simple puzzles and some bosses which may be hard for a younger gamer, but never a challenge for a parent helping them through the game. Even my eight year old was able to complete the game with little help from myself and this being the first game she�s ever completed she was extremely happy with herself for being able to see it through to the end.

What makes Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue a special game for the younger crowd is the fact that you can play and replay the game many times through. As you play through you can select a helper character out of those which you have rescued in the game. Each helper has a special ability that will help you progress through the game. You can also collect money which you may use to purchase new outfits for Hello Kitty and everyone knows how much little girls like to play dress up, so this works perfectly for them. You can also select any stage you�ve previously successfully beaten, so you can just play through the game and go wherever you choose. To quote my favorite eight year old once again, �I like the part where I beat the whole game, so now I can do any level I want anytime I want.�

Final Verdict

If you know someone (young or old) who is a fan of Hello Kitty then Roller Rescue may be right up their alley. It�s not too hard so younger gamers or non-gamers should be able to pick up and play right away without the frustration factor that plagues so many other �kiddy� games. So, if you want that perfect gift for that younger girl and she�s a Hello Kitty fan then you have just hit the jackpot. Note: This final score is determined by how I feel it would be received by the intended audience and not so much on the hardcore gamer�s opinions.


7.0 out of 10

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Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Review

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: October 19, 2005
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: XPEC Entertainment

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