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Jumper: Griffin’s Story Review

Jumper: Griffin’s Story focuses completely on the supporting character from the movie and you would think would tell a story. Unfortunately this game lacks very little story and the parts that it does are poorly written. This game is extremely shallow and only has a minor enjoyment factor.

Graphically this game is a mess. There are 3 graphical styles in the game and the game tosses them around in such a manner that it deters you more from the game. The “story” cut scenes are in a comic book style, the game play is a pixilated attempt at good graphics, and the CGI cut scenes are good looking. The only parts that look decent in the game are the short “drop point” clips that are done in CGI. Drop points are random finishing moves done to an enemy causing you to “drop” the enemy somewhere in the world that is hazardous. This helped keep my attention through the 4 hour haul. Yes this game is extremely short and really left a lot to be desired. I wonder if the DVD even got half full for this game as there is no multiplayer, no extras (unless you call a loot room an extra), and 4 hours of single player with mediocre to bad graphics. Not to mention the horrible camera that seemed to try to “auto adjust” to the worst view possible instead of the best.

Sound was nothing spectacular as it mostly included simple attack sounds and some one liners courtesy of our hero. Sound was lacking for feel and was really only used for combat sounds. The same actors from the movie did the voice work for the game making at least the comic book cut scenes seem a little better.

Replay value is non-existent and this game only weighs in at around 4 hours of game play. However, if you are looking for achievement points this game gives you achievements super fast and most likely after finishing the 4 hour game you will have 1000 achievement points added to your score.

Game play was simplistic and could be done with 1 hand and consists of pressing the A,B,X,Y buttons to attack the randomly selected enemy from the direction associated with the buttons. As long as you didn’t attack from one of the few sides that was red at the time you would do damage and or kill the enemy. If you would select a side that was green when you attacked you would gain some attack power and eventually be able to do power moves. Unfortunately, power moves can still be blocked if you hit a red spot.

Final Verdict

Jumper: Griffin’s Story will be fun for only the first hour or two; luckily this game is only about twice as long. I recommend renting this game if you are looking for achievement points. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of fun from it though.


4.0 out of 10

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Jumper: Griffin’s Story Review

Related Information

Posted by: Falcon
Date: March 10, 2008
Publisher: Brash Entertainment
Developer: Collision Studios
Release Date: 02/12/2008
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Teen
System Reviewed: Xbox 360

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