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Karaoke Revolution Review

Do you like to sing and are looking for a karaoke game? Well, look no further than Karaoke Revolution. This is a game that lets aspiring pop stars of all ages and abilities sing along to over 35 hit songs while scoring their performance on pitch and rhythm. There is a headset microphone that comes bundled with the game so you are able to belt out your favorite tune while dancing to the music. Your fun is further enhanced by the unique scoring system that analyzes your voice and rates your performance. A crowd will either cheer you on as you hit the right notes or will boo you off the stage. Sound interesting? Read on to find out more.With Karaoke Revolution, you don’t necessarily need to be able to sing well to achieve a good score. All you need to do is to keep a note steady and match the rhythm. The triangular pitch meter will show you your pitch and what pitch you need. Your goal in this game is to keep the meter steady while singing at the proper times. After you complete the song, you will be judged on how many notes you hit. This scoring system is quite similar to many other Bemani games.

You can tell Konami spent quite some time on the visuals. They had a group of people work on the graphics and movements of all the people within the game. The backgrounds are full of animation from the moving lights to the cheering crowds. Your character does everything a normal singer would do such as nodding their head to the beat, moving their lips, and walking around on stage. The best part about this is that their lips actually move to the song. The characters look a bit awkward with their oversized heads, but who’s complaining?

In terms of sounds, the game does what it’s supposed to do. The songs aren’t done by the original artists but they are close to the original nonetheless. However, most of the sound comes from you since you are the music maker. What can you expect? This is Karaoke… Besides, the singing, there are some sound effects. When you do great, you can hear the crowd cheering and clapping, but when you do terribly the crowd starts to boo. Just hope you hear more cheering than booing.

In order to play this game, you need a USB microphone which is included if you bought the bundle. There isn’t much to be said about the controls except to try to match the pitch and rhythm to the music. The game play is very simple. In order to go onto the next stage you must pass a song. The judging system is just like any other Bemani game in which you must match the pitch and rhythm of the music. You can adjust the difficulty level based upon your singing level. If you think you are an expert singer, than put the difficulty to expert. You will know whether you are on pitch or not by the arrow, which represents your pitch. You must make sure that the arrow is in the correct place at the right time. You will know the pitch by looking at the green tubes at the bottom of the screen. These green tubes represent the pitch at which you must sing. If you do poorly, you’ll be kicked off the stage. If you sing well, then the crowd will clap their hands to the rhythm of the song. At the end of the performance, you are judged on how well you did. If you do well enough you can get either a Gold or Platinum rating.

The game is composed mostly of a single player mode. Though there isn’t any real multiplayer mode in this game, they do have one in which your friends would rate your performance.

There are three game modes to choose from: Arcade Mode, Showtime Mode, and Karaoke Mode. In Arcade Mode players choose songs and try to achieve a high score. In Showtime Mode, players work their way up from a no name singer performing in subway stations and clubs to an enormous concert stadium. If Arcade Mode or Showtime Mode doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe Karaoke Mode will. Karaoke Mode allows players to sing in the traditional karaoke style and practice their favorite songs without being judged.

This game is huge fun with a group of friends. After you’ve played every song and unlocked everything there really isn’t anything else to do except to play with your friends. However, there are said to be expansions for Karaoke Revolution which will be full of new songs. If expansions are released one after the other, then this game can hold much replay value.

Final Verdict

Karaoke Revolution is one great singing game. This has to be one of the best party games out on the market so far. However, because of the lack of songs, this game can get old real fast. So Konami should start pumping out those expansions as soon as possible.


9.0 out of 10

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Karaoke Revolution Review

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Posted by: Administrator
Date: March 13, 2004
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Harmonix
Release Date: 11/05/2003
Genre: Rhythm
Number of Players: 1-8
ESRB Rating: Everyone
System Reviewed: PlayStation 2

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