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Kim Possible: Kimmunicator Review

There’s something to be said for girl power. Disney’s Kim Possible is a secret agent teenage girl who manages to save the world from a freakish cast of villains on a routine basis. In Kim Possible: Kimmunicator you help guide Kim to find her genius friend Wade while Ron is on vacation in Norway. Kim Possible: Kimmunicator is a straightforward platformer geared towards the young girl gamer. It’s the same audience that watches the cartoon regularly, but is Kim Possible: Kimmunicator just a quick cash-in or a solid platformer? Your mission is to read on to find out.Kim Possible: Kimmunicator does a very good job of recreating the look of the cartoon. Kim, or KP as she’s referred to on the show, looks like she does in the cartoon as do the rest of her friends and foes alike. The game has a very distinct look, much like the series. Backgrounds aren’t very detailed because all of the focus is placed on the characters themselves and the story. Kim Possible is animated extremely well, as she has a variety of moves at her disposal. One issue the game has to contend with is the lack of variety in the enemies, it really could use more than the few that are included, but that’s probably by design as the show is mainly about the Super-villains, not their henchmen. The games look is for the most part unremarkable really, but it makes up for this in other departments.

Being that the game is based on the Disney series it would have been nice if they had included more of the actual voices from the show. It’s unfortunate that the game’s developers couldn’t manage to get the actor’s to do a little voice work for the game, but that’s the way it’s turned out probably to the dismay of Kim Possible fans. The sound effects could use some work, though they have included some of the trademark sounds from the show. The music, however, is really good especially if you’re wearing headphones. It maintains the spirit of the show without deviating so far from it that it’s unnoticeable. Sure, it’s not the greatest music ever composed, but it makes the player feel like they’re getting to take part in the cartoon, and fans will no doubt be overly joyed to do so.

Kim Possible really has the opportunity to be a successful franchise if done right. Kimmunicator is not the first KP game, but it is the first on the Nintendo DS and as such is off to a good start. It’s a very simple and straightforward game, nothing too overly complex for the younger gamer it’s geared toward, so it works just fine. It does have a tendency to be a little difficult at times, which could be a problem for the smaller children, but with a little practice and concentration most kids should be able to negotiate the game. KP has a varied assortment of tools at her disposal which she will need to get past various traps, locks and other obstacles. Among those tools you’ll find night vision goggles, a grappling hook, and Ron’s pet naked mole rat, which you control to get past other security obstacles throughout the game.

For the most part the game involves jumping around and climbing things, but there is a small amount of combat involved. It’s not overly violent for concerned parents, so they need not worry because it’s no worse than the actual cartoon. What makes the game good for the younger crowd is the ease of play. Using items is simple; just touch the item on the screen and press the “R” button and that’s it. KP: Kimmunicator is a very well made game and far from being a quick cash-in like many other games based on licensed properties.

One area that Kim Possible: Kimmunicator falls short is the replay department. The game does have some areas that are closed off when you’re playing through them, but as you get further into the game you’ll have the ability to purchase items that allow you access to hidden areas in the earlier stages. Still, though, the game doesn’t offer much more beyond that. However, if you have previous KP games on the GBA you can unlock different outfits for her to wear as you play through the game. It’s a small bonus, but it’s something that maybe can be explored even further should they decide to make a sequel. The best part about a game like Kimmunicator is that young girls who get a chance to play it will know what the appeal is to boys. Girls have every right to feel just as powerful as boys and Kim Possible gives them that chance. Sure, there are games for girls out there, but most of them merely involve petting horses or dressing up dolls, so it’s good to see that girls can be considered as equals in relation to the subject matter.

Final Verdict

Maybe it’s not the best game ever, but Kim Possible: Kimmunicator is a pretty good time and a good use of the Nintendo DS hardware. Kimmunicator gives girl gamers the action and humor that they love about the cartoon series. For Kim Possible fans this is a must have. It’s a solid game that gamers of any age, male or female could have a good time with if they just give it a chance.


7.5 out of 10

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Kim Possible: Kimmunicator Review

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: February 1, 2006
Publisher: Buena Vista Games
Developer: Buena Vista Games
Release Date: 11/09/2005
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Everyone
System Reviewed: Nintendo DS

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