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Mini Wireless Controller Review

The Intec Mini Xbox Wireless Controller uses no wires and has vibration also. Is it a great step forward or is it just another controller with a lot of hype that will fall flat? Let’s find out.

The Intec Mini Xbox Wireless Controller is very nice with some weight to it. It is clear with green rubber grips on the side. The box you get with the controller is also green and the controller has a short cord that is about 6 in. long. The short cord is not the break-a-way cord like the standard controller cord but way would you need it, the controller is wireless.


2.44 GHz operating frequency for precise game control

Up to 70 hours of gaming on two AA batteries (not included) depending on use of vibration control switch

Six analog action buttons and two analog triggers

Rubberized grips for tactile control

Dual vibration motors

Play up to 30 ft. away

The 16 Player auto sensing technology allows up to 16 players to play without interference

6 Analog action buttons & 2 analog triggers, turbo function buttons, and vibration motor

The setup was very easy for the Intec Mini Wireless Xbox controller; just plug it into your Xbox and put the batteries into the controller. You can have as many as 16 of these wireless controllers hooked up to your Xbox at any given time, so they say, but I only had one at the time so I can not tell you if this is true or not.

Features on the controller are pretty much endless. Turbo can be programmed to do rapid fire along with special moves in fighting games that take multiple buttons to pull off. The analog sticks and d-pad where solid unlike most third party controllers that feel a little cheap. The analog sticks snap back to center very quickly and the d-pad also functioned very well and moved very smoothly. The buttons and triggers are a little smaller then the standard controller, but they are very responsive with a good feel. Vibration can be set to Off, 50% or 100%. The grips on the side of the controller feel very good giving you more to hang on to when you are in a battle without making it slip out of your hands. It fits nicely in your hand. There is a Connect button on the controller in case you loss conductivity with the box hooked into the Xbox. It also has a button on it for when you loss conductivity as well so the two can sink up.

I used the Intec Mini Xbox Wireless Controller for a couple of hours straight just to see if I would loss conductivity at anytime but the controller worked flawlessly. When I first plugged it in I couldn’t get it to work right. The controller kept losing conductivity between itself and the box in about one to two minutes, but I found out that it was a battery problem, not the controller. After I changed the batteries it worked fine. The range of the controller was well above what any normal person will need. I was a good 20 ft. away at one time and had no problem controlling the game I was in. The vibration was strong set at 50% but a little too strong for my taste at 100%. The one down side of the controller is there is no Xbox Live support. What I mean by this is there is no where to plug in a headset. It’s not like you can’t use it for Xbox Live you just can’t talk to anyone.

The main feature that I found annoying about the Intec Mini Xbox Wireless Controller was the sleep mode. The controller will loss conductivity with the Xbox and disconnect after 3 minutes of non-use. This is a great feature if you forget to turn off the controller but if you are in a game with a long cut-scene the controller will turn off and you have to get the conductivity back again.

Final Verdict

The Intec Mini Xbox Wireless Controller is a great controller, but may be a little too small for some players. The buttons are smaller and will take some players some time to get use to. When you are using the controller it really doesn’t feel like you have anything in your hands, unlike the big old Xbox controller. I’m not a big fan of 3rd party controllers, but I highly recommend the Intec Mini Xbox Wireless Controller.


9.5 out of 10

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Posted by: z36
Date: February 1, 2005
Manufacturer: Intec
Genre: Peripheral
System Reviewed: Xbox

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