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Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock Review

Have you been looking for some new songs for Rock Band or Rock Band 2? Would you like to experience some of the all-time best classic rock songs? Do you have Guitar Hero and want to experience Rock Band or Rock Band 2 without paying the full price for the full game? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock may be the game for you.

Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock includes 20 all new songs that you can play right off the game disc without owning Rock Band or Rock Band 2. You can also download the songs into Rock Band or Rock Band 2 to enjoy along with your other tracks included in those games. The Classic Rock track pack includes some great classic rock bands, such as: Boston, Pat Benatar, The Who, Steve Miller Band, Rush, The Police, and more. Some of the songs featured in the game are as follows: Peace of Mind, Rock and Roll Band, Closer To The Heart, Take the Money and Run, The Joker, Behind Blue Eyes, Hit Me with Your Best Shot, and others.

On the day I played this game for review I had also played Guitar Hero: Metallica for review. I am not a huge fan of Metallica and enjoyed playing the game but not the music. After I was done with Metallica I asked my wife to play the Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock and she agreed. We both enjoyed all the music on the Classic Rock track pack. We even liked the few songs that we had not heard before. I cannot say the same of Guitar Hero: Metallica video game.

We played Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock by itself off of the disc and were able to enjoy playing the drums and the guitar at the same time. We were using the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar and drums on the PlayStation 3, so those both work with the Classic Rock track pack, if you were wondering. We ended up playing through all 20 songs in the game and enjoyed all of them. It only took us a few hours to complete all of them on medium difficulty. This is one of the downfalls of any of the Rock Band Track Packs, they don’t last that long. They are also half the price of the full game, so you can’t complain that much I guess.

The storyline in the game is very limited and basically gives you a short message when you unlock more songs to play. You cannot create a character like you can in the full Rock Band games and there is no online modes. If you want to have the full Rock Band experience then you have to buy Rock Band or Rock Band 2.

The graphics and sound in Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock are very well done and the game uses the same visuals and sound effects as the full games. The character models are enjoyable to watch while playing and are well animated. There is a lot of detail in their clothes, instruments, and the crowd which takes you into the concert experience. The music is CD quality and sounds just like if you were listening to it on your stereo, that is unless you mess up the song.

If you are not familiar with how Guitar Hero and Rock Band work, you basically watch notes fall down the screen and either have to press the right button on the guitar while strumming or hit the correct colored drum head. There is also a vocalist mode that allows you to sing along karaoke style. While performing you are judge based on how many notes you hit correctly and you can fail the song if you miss too many. The game also allows up to four people to play together in a band. This allows there to be one drummer, a bass guitarist, lead guitarist, and a singer. Any of the Rock Band or Guitar Hero games are a lot of fun if you are having a party over your house.

Final Verdict

Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock is an enjoyable addition to the Rock Band family. If you don’t have Internet access then it will allow you to buy 20 more songs to play. If you want to try the Rock Band or Rock Band 2 experience without paying full price then it might be a good option, though you can probably find the original Rock Band used for around $30 or $40. If you review the songs available in the Classic Rock track pack and like most of them, then it is cheaper to buy them in the pack than buying them individually from the Rock Band store, if they are even available there. All-in-all, my wife and I enjoyed playing Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock and we both would recommend it if you are looking for some new songs to enhance your Rock Band experience.


8.5 out of 10

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Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock Review

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: July 10, 2009
Publisher: MTV Games
Developer: Harmonix
Release Date: 05/19/2009
Genre: Rhythm
Number of Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: Teen
System Reviewed: PlayStation 3

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