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Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game Review

The Naked Brothers Band is a group of small children that play instruments and sing. The two front men Nat and Alex began singing together in the tub when they were very young so their mother named them the Naked Brothers Band. Now they have put some clothes on, gathered some friends and became popular enough to have their own video game.

So what does one do in a Naked Brothers Band Video Game? Well you play gigs. You are given the option to play the drums, guitar, keyboards, cello, bass guitar or sing. All the instruments are played using the WiiMote. The singing is done using the provided Logitech microphone. The controls for the game could be more precise. You really have to whip the WiiMote to get the movement to register. That held true for all four I tried the game with, but the mic seemed to work well. The 30ft cord gives you plenty of freedom to run around and trip would be dancing partners.

Graphics in Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game are not that important. However the sound is and the developers have done a good job here. Any Naked Brothers Band fan will love the 25 different songs that come with the game. The music plays nice and loud and there are not too many annoying sound effects to take the rock mood out. While the music is playing you have a side scrolling beat bar running telling you when and what to play on your instrument. The cut scenes are pretty cheesy but I think that is expected from this title.

The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game has multiplayer for 2 which is disappointing if you wanted to play with large groups . The band has 6 members in it which would have been nice to be able to split into at least 4. I hope that if there is a sequel that they could add this feature. Also there is no online play which would have been a nice feature to mess around with.

Single player mode starts with the band in their home town of Seattle where the agent starts a tour. Each gig allows you to play in front of different crowds as the different band members. If you please the crowd your agent will book other venues for your tour and you will unlock different songs and instrument skins . It will be challenging at times but for the most part it is pretty easy to work your way through. Which means that this game will not take long to play through and there is only so many times you can play the same songs before it gets stale. The replay value is not terribly high with this title.

There is really nothing in this game that appeals to me. I began playing it and I was immediately annoyed. Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game play is trying to be similar to Rock Band but just is not getting there. I played for an hour and hated every minute of it. Then the kids showed up. They began playing this game and had smiles from ear to ear. So I decided to play with them. Over the next couple of days we all took turns playing the different instruments.

Playing the The Naked Brothers Band was easy enough for young kids that it made it very fun for them. Increase the difficulty and older gamers will find a small challenge in there but they will probably get bored with the game play. It seems that pre teens will get more out of this title then teenagers or adults.

Final Verdict

Rating Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game is a bit of a challenge. While playing I had an ok time and the kids had a blast. So I decided to interview them and get different perspective. The game is rated E for a good reason. The lyrics are what you would expect from kids. My personal favorite is banana smoothie which is a song about a banana smoothie; go figure. The kids loved the whole game. They were able to pick it up in no time and they really enjoyed the songs. So the kids gave the game an awesome and a sweet rating. That’s much higher than the meh rating I was going for. So it is plain to see what audience this game was developed for. The same kids that love the show will probably like this game. One big positive is that the game has the fans favorite tracks. The other is that you can pretend you are a member of the band. For certain people that will be heaven.


7.0 out of 10

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Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Video Game Review

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