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Vampire Rain Review

Vampire Rain is a game with a great concept. You are part of a tactical squad sent into a city infested with vampires. Immediately I think… cool time to start wiping out some vampires. Think again… the few times you are able to kill one you were either lucky or they set you in a situation where you could stand a chance. Instead of feeling like an elite operative with top of the line vampire hunting gear you feel like a kid with a pellet gun.

The game has some decent graphics with some ugly parts here and there. The water effects and the environment textures are crisp and beautiful while the character models leave a lot to be desired. Especially the vampire models, they tend to look and move in a choppy way making it hard to aim and shoot at them as they approach you.

The sound is nothing special. The music is droll and only really changes level to level. While the sounds do a great job of making the environment such as rain seem real; the sound lacks much more than that. The voice acting was decent but not enough to save this game.

The game play is abysmal. So much so that it plays like a very bad version of Metal Gear where not only can you not be spotted, but you cannot hide after being spotted nor can you fight back. Really the game plays like a maze with many hidden paths that can be accessed by climbing and jumping on to rooftops. If you can find the correct path there will be few vampires looking in the direction as you cross to your objective. If you go the wrong way there will most likely be a vampire standing on the street corner you need to go past.

When you start the game you won’t realize how pointless your weapons are until you test them for yourself. I stood long range from my target and started shooting. I unloaded my whole clip into the vampire and he hit me once rendering me stunned and hit me again to kill me. I don’t believe this game can even be considered a shooter, it’s more of a make sure you are never spotted game. The guns are horrible, the vampires are glitchy, and your character moves very slow even in combat.

I even went as far as to read up on how to kill the vampires, which revealed that supposedly if you shoot a vampire in the head while it is in human form it should “hurt it considerably”. So with my new found knowledge I test it… I stand behind a vampire facing away from me on the street corner. Completely unknowing to his imminent doom I raise my rifle take my time to aim square on his head. I then pull the trigger… his life bar decreases by maybe 1/3 if that. He turns and kills me before I can even finish unloading my clip. Unfortunately they don’t have some cool instant kill system for when you sneak up on a vampire like that either. I mean personally if I was to make a game like this… I would make some amazing 3rd person animation with sneak kills where you stab him through with a wooden stake and watch him disintegrate in your hands.

Final Verdict

This mess of a game doesn’t do the Xbox 360 justice and really makes me dread the next vampire game to come out. The only thing this game really has that is decent are the graphics and those aren’t even that great. If you like torture I would definitely recommend this game.


1.0 out of 10

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Vampire Rain Review

Related Information

Posted by: Falcon
Date: December 5, 2007
Publisher: Microsoft (Xbox)
Developer: Artoon
Release Date: 07/03/2007
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-8
ESRB Rating: Mature
System Reviewed: Xbox 360

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