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Datel Battery Charger Review

Do you have a spare battery for your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) that you would like to charge while using your other one, or would you like to get an extra 100 charges out of your current battery? If you answered “Yes” to either question then the Datel Battery Charger for PSP might be just the ticket.

Datel has released the Battery Charger for PSP that charges your PSP battery outside of the PSP system using microprocessor control that ensures that your battery is charged quickly and safely. A PSP battery will charge in the Datel Battery Charger in about 2 hours. This is about 20 minutes quicker than if you charge the battery in the PSP without playing it at the same time. If you are playing your PSP while charging the battery it will take even longer to charge. This isn’t a huge difference and I would’ve been more impressed if the Datel Battery Charger could’ve charged a battery in less than an hour or 15 minutes would’ve been sweet. I guess something is better than nothing but it isn’t that big of a difference.

If you have a second battery then the Datel Battery Charger may come in handy, since you can be charging one battery using a standard outlet or a cigarette lighter adapter in the car while playing your PSP with the other fully charged battery. And, because the Battery Charger charges your battery in around 2 hours using either power source you should never run out of juice for your PSP on long trips.

The Datel Battery Charger also uses an advanced active algorithm to extend your battery life by 20%. According to Datel’s information the PSP is set to only charge your PSP Battery Pack or Datel Max Power Replacement Battery 500 times. This means that even if your battery pack is still good the PSP will not charge it after 500 charges and you will have to buy a new one. Using the Datel Battery Charger you can extend the life of your battery up to 600 charges because it uses its technology to analyze the battery and if it determines it is still good it will charge it even if it is over the 500-charge limit.

All this sounds great, but I don’t know if it is worth it. The Battery Charger costs $29.99 and you can buy a new Max Power Replacement Battery for the same price. That would mean that you would have to buy 5 replacement batteries to break even on this investment if it truly does allow you to charge the PSP a hundred more times. I don’t know if it is worth it to pay $29.99 to get an extra hundred charges out of your battery. Five batteries equal 2,500 recharges in the PSP and 3,000 using the Datel Battery Charger. That is a whole lot of charges to break even in my opinion.

Now, if you have a second battery and want to recharge it on the go or don’t want to recharge it in your PSP when it is dead then the Datel Battery Charger is a good option. Having a second battery to take on a long flight would be nice, but wouldn’t you charge both batteries before you left and would it matter if you charged them in your PSP or in the Battery Charger? And when you are in the car if you had a cigarette lighter adapter for your PSP you could charge your battery that is in your PSP while you are playing. I don’t think having your PSP connected to the dashboard of your car via the cigarette adapter is that big of a deal since where are you going to be going?

Also, I don’t see myself always charging all my PSP batteries in the Datel Battery Charger, since I don’t think I would like taking the battery in and out of the PSP every time I want to recharge it. The PSP’s battery compartment cover and clasp don’t seem to be designed for continuous opening and closing and I would be worried that I would need a new battery compartment cover after prolonged opening and closing to charge my PSP batteries. Yes, having a second battery for long trips is a good idea but taking the battery in and out all the time to charge seems a little scary to me.

Unrelated to the charging of the batteries, the Datel Battery Charge’s construction is decent and it is compact. The power cord reminds me of our Nokia mobile phone power cords and the cigarette lighter adapter is small and should be easy to store on your next trip. Also, just so you know, the power cord and cigarette lighter adapter that come with the Datel Battery Charger cannot be used to power your PSP. They are designed to work only in the Battery Charger, so don’t think you are going to get an extra power cord and cigarette lighter adapter for your PSP by buying this package, because you will be disappointed. The charger itself is lightweight and not too much bigger than the PSP battery. It also features a LED light on it to tell you when the charger has power (yellow), is charging (red), and when charging is complete (green).

Final Verdict

Is the Datel Battery Charger right for you? I guess that is up to if you don’t mind taking your battery out of your PSP every time it needs recharged. If you have a second battery and have a tendency to wear down one battery and need to use another on a regular basis, then you could charge one while using another and be good to go when the first one dies. The construction of the Datel Battery Charger is decent, but I just don’t know if it is worth the $29.99 to get an extra 100 charges out of your battery. Plus, how often do you play your PSP continuously for more than 3 or 4 hours without a wall outlet where you would need to swap out one battery for another to continue playing? If you have a second PSP battery and are looking for an external battery charger to use then the Datel Battery Charger is a good choice, but it is up to you to decide if it is worth the price.


7.5 out of 10

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Datel Battery Charger Review

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: August 23, 2005
Manufacturer: Datel
Release Date: 07/17/2005
Genre: Peripheral
System Reviewed: PSP

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