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Peter Moore Interview with the

If you haven’t seen this interview with Peter Moore by the, then I suggest you check it out.  Peter talks candidly about the Dreamcast and the Xbox 360 and how Sony used false promises to lure consumers away from those products.  He also talks about the original Dreamcast commerical named “Apocalypse” and the banned Xbox 360 commercial called “Standoff” and how he helped market both of those products.  Moore has some harsh words about Rare and how their skillsets are not applicable in today’s market and also talks about his exit from Microsoft and the Red Ring of Death.

They also touch base on SEGA leaving the hardware market and how at EA Sports he sees the future of game sales being via downloadable content and that we will no longer buy games on discs in the future.  The interview covers a lot of ground and even touches on how he started his career selling shoes.  More of it is supposed to be in the October issue of Esquire magazine and I definitely recommend reading it if you are a fan Dreamcast, Xbox 360, EA Sports or video games in general.

The following are the two commercials Peter Moore mentions in the interview if you haven’t seen them before.
<a href=""></a>

SEGA Dreamcast “Apocalypse” Commerical

<a href=""></a>

Xbox 360 “Standoff” Commerical

And remember it’s still thinking…

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